Why Do I advertise your home on REALTOR.COM?

#1 in Visitors - The TRAFFIC is heavy. REALTOR.com® has over 5.5 million unique users per month*, more than 10 times the number of unique users as its nearest competitor's "homes for sale" section. As a Sellers, you'll love it because right in the middle of all that traffic is YOUR HOME.

#1 in minutes per visit -  STICKINESS is a good thing. That means more people are looking at your home, longer, without invading your livingroom, without some decision. That translates into serious buyers spending finding your home. With an average of nearly 15 minutes per visit*, it's 3 times longer than most competitive sites.

#1 in content - More listings means more buyers. More buyers means more potential to sell your home, faster.

#1 in online distribution - More partners mean more opportunities. I have delveloped STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS. Alliances with top Internet sites such as MSN, Cox Interactive Media and the Wall Street Journal drive qualified traffic to your home!

Over 50% of all homebuyers are using the internet to find a home, 2/3 of those go to Realtor.com

*SOURCE: MEDIA METRIX, April, 2002, and Internal Logs

What does this mean to you?

  •  Qualified Traffic
  •  More Views to your home
  •  I Drive traffic to your home
  •  SAVE TIME! Sell your home faster! 
  •  Show your home to more qualified buyers who have made an opinion!! 

Shouldn't Your Realtor be the one who makes sure that everything is done in order to effectivley market your home?


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